Sunday, April 11, 2010

Living Simplicity

Today I hit a bump in the road again...

I'm fighting the urge to take on too much again. To feel like I need to keep up with everyone and everything that is going around me.

I'm super busy at work and super busy outside of work it seems.

There is always something to do, something that frantically needs done, someone to call, someone to email, five events to plan.

It's hard, REALLY hard to find time to just-be-still.

Feeling like everything and everyone rides on me. Sinful I know because nothing can be done in my power... really it's all on Him. And that's where it should be.

I don't know why I get caught up in idolatry and thinking that "I" should take it all on on my own.

I'm not going there though. Not today. Not anymore. I've been there before... Last summer I was there. I fell.

I learned. And today. I pray. I repent. I take a breath and let the guilt, the pressure, the anticipation, the stress fall away.

I cling to my God. My Savior. The One who holds it all and who appoints it all.

He is, He was, He is always to be.

And instead, I think...

I need to fight for that place where I say no to doing everything all the time. To fight to keep the boundaries up that my soul craves. Fight for the place where my soul...





Go outside. Turn the TV off. Get some real rest with a little Vitamin D on top.

Say no to nonstop going. Put your 'to-do' list away for the day.

Unnattach your iphone from your hand.

Take a REAL Sabbath, a real day of rest each week.

Enjoy real friendships. You know, the ones where there are no cell phones, just laughter and REAL conversation over a cup of coffee.. Remember those?

Find a good friend who you trust and share the DEEP things that are going in your life.

Soak in life.

Soak in a beautiful sunset, a sweet word, a sweet moment.

Savor each hug, each kiss, each touch.

Savor life... don't rush past it.

Trust God.

Follow Him.

Make time to spend alone with Him.

And find the quiet...

Fight for the quiet.

Address and deal with your pain instead of running from it.

Filling your life with stuff doesn't make the pain go away. It doesn't make the hard stuff disappear.

That stuff doesn't just go away. So instead of running... instead of filling every portion of your life with stuff... Instead... get in the Word, pray hard, consult godly counsel if needed and FACE it. Deal with it.

So that you can finally move forward.

Finally quiet the hurt.

And then...

Dream big. Fall hard.

Love big.

Don't you see...?

Strip away the noise. Strip away the busy. Strip away everything that doesn't really matter.

And what you have left is what matters.

Run away from all of the junk that clutters your life.

Run away to Him.

Fight for the simplicity.

And realize that the quiet, rest, peace aren't something we can find.

Rather they are gifts that He gives.

Fight for it.